NHL Hands Down Suspensions

NHL Hands Down Suspensions
The Associated Press
09:12 PM ET 10/17/99

NEW YORK -- The National Hockey League handed down one suspension as a result of the San Jose Sharks and Washington Capitals game played Saturday Night at the MCI Center.

"After reviewing tape of the incident, it is clear that a gross violation of the rules of the National Hockey League occured." said Colin Campbell, NHL executive vice president and director of hockey operations. "As always, players are accountable for the consequences of actions with their bodies."

Sergei Gonchar will be suspended four games for a reckless delay of game in the third period of the October 16th match. "Mr. Gonchar displayed a serious disregard for the manners and traditions of our sport. By delaying the start of action in the third period by bleeding over a significant portion of ice, it was necessary to delay the inefficient refereeing exhibited by Official Trottier."

Washington Capitals General Manager George McPhee could not be reached for comment as he is currently doing color commentary for an ESPN boxing special.