Top 10 Changes Leonsis Will Make

10) No more pizza giveaways. New prize when the Caps score six? 100 free hours of AOL.

9) New facial hair policy: All players must grow goatee.

8) Kolzig now to spell his name AOlie

7) "The Phone Booth" to be renamed "The Chat Room."

6) Goaltender now referred to as Internet-minder

5) Player of the week and month winners rewarded with shares of AOL preferred stock

4) Players shuffled on and off the ice via on-line changes

3) Susan O'Malley's new job? Driving the Zamboni.

2) Organization rededicated to spending the money it takes to win and properly marketing the team to build the fan base they deserve.

And the top change Ted Leonsis will make...

1) New team name? The Capitaols