Some of My Favourite Links

These are some of the better links that I would suggest checking out. All of a sudden it doesn't seem so difficult to get information on the Caps. If you know of other links, or would like me to add your page, please e-mail me at


National Hockey League - Of course one would have to start with the NHL's "official" page. One warning - it's slow as anything when loading!

NHL FANS Association - An international organization dedicated to hockey's most important people - the fans!

NHL Rule Book - Find the specific rules on the NHL's website.

National Hockey League Players' Associaton - The NHLPA is an interesting page to check out if looking for information on individual players.

Portland Pirates "Official" Site - The AHL (minor league) affiliate of the Washington Capitals in Maine.

Washington Capitals "Official" Web Page - Supposedly this is one of the best pages in the League. Doesn't help us win on the ice but, hey, I guess that's not what they're in the business for.


CBS Sportsline - Good information, not as in-depth as ESPN.

ESPN - ESPN is probably the most up-to-date of all the web sites.

Hockey's Future - Outstanding analysis of junior/minor league players! All you'll ever need to know about hockey's prospects.

Slam! Hockey - Of course, one of my favourites is Slam! It's great to see hockey covered by people who know, and love, the sport. As mentioned before, their trade rumours are weak, but everything else is great!

The Sporting News Capitals Page - Well organized, but not really the hockey mega-site I would hope for.

Sports Illustrated's Hockey Page - I just discovered this recently, and it's actually very good. I think it could give ESPN a run for its money!

Washington Post's Capitals Coverage - Although the Capitals are certainly not the favorite of the Post's George Solomon, things are starting to look up.


Capitals Email List - Listserv that participates directly on your email. For the fans, by the fans.

ESPN Message Boards - ESPN has a message board for all NHL teams and you can find, for the most part, quality discussion.

Hockey Boards - A great new site to talk all kinds of hockey!

Alt.Sports.Hockey.NHL.Wash-Capitals - Hockey newsgroup that should be found on every Internet server or at


DC101 - Even though DC101 has only broadcast one game ever, they get top billing here for all of their support for the Capitals, led by Morning Show host Elliot Segal.

Comcast - Comcast SportsNet shows the Capitals if there's no conflict with the Wizards, if the feel like it, and if there's a full moon. Without those 3 things happening, there's no Caps on TV.

WTEM 980 - WTEM 980AM is the only sports radio station in the area. Coverage is split between the Capitals and Washington Wizards. When there's a conflict, factors weighed on who gets the 980AM signal include who's home, is their tv coverage, etc. If not on 980, the game will be on WRC 570am.


Ansports Collectibles - Hockey memorabilia

API Hockey - Ankle protective inserts for your skates.

Caps Fan Olie - Lots of information and good links.

Chris' Capitals Page - Great links and definitely kept up-to-date (summary of the Stanley Cup Finals).

Hockey Coaching Homepage - Outstanding site that clearly explains the plays and systems of hockey. Very thorough!

Hockeynut's Washington Capitals Page - Excellent site with extensive coverage.

Joy of Hockey - Well-maintained site with great info.

Mike Kim's HomePage - Mike's a big Caps fan who I've "known" for over a year. He's just starting on his page, but it's definitely getting there.

OnSports - This is a great place for local Washington area sports. It's where I've gotten a lot of my information. A lot of it is just a "hot list" of other links, but it's a great collection, nonetheless!

Seth's Washington Capitals Page - There's a lot of information here, enjoy!

Shoot The Puck! - Growing and great site by someone who truly loves the sport of hockey. Has great pictures on the site!!

Other "Official" Pages...

Adam Oates Official Page - Title is pretty obvious. It's not much, but check it out.

Old Time Hockey - This isn't really an "official" page, it's Adam Oates' clothing line. But this seemed the best place to put it.

Olie & Elliot's Great Saves Program - For every save, Olie will donate $1 to the program; For every win, Olie will donate $50 to the program; For every shutout, Olie will donate $100 to the program. At the end of the season, Elliot Segal, of DC101, will match the total amount, dollar for dollar!

Scoring For Children - A great charity where Peter Bondra, Jaromir Jagr and Steve Konowalchuk donate $100 for every point scored - it benefits Children's Inn at NIH in Bethesda, Md.

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