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Just How Long Will Eric Lindros Last?

Listite Opponent Date Player
Craig Elliot Philadelphia September 20 Eric Desjardins
Ken (cun248) Washington October 10 Witt or Simon
Jeff Chen Montreal October 15 Stephane Quintal
Todd Mabie St. Louis October 25 Chris Pronger
Peter Vetsch Boston October 27 Hal Gill
Tris Harter Florida November 3 Peter Worrell
H.R. Philadelphia November 14  
Laura Costa Toronto December 6 Tie Domi
Rick (ICAPITALS) Toronto December 6 Mats Sundin
Ron Gibson San Jose December 28 Bryan Marchment
Asuka Chan Edmonton January 2 George Larauque
Carl Ford Columbus January 16 Lyle Odelein
Clay Ransone New Jersey January 17 Scott Stevens
John Keeley Olympics February Gary Suter
Paul Sotoudeh Dallas February 13 Derian Hatcher
Brion Madsen Calgary March 4 Bob Boughner

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