NHL Enacts Rule Changes

NEW YORK (June 23, 1999) -- The National Hockey League's Board of Governors has approved rule changes for the 1999-2000 season. Rule 78-B shall now read as follows:

Unless the puck is in the goal-crease area, a player of the attacking side may not enter nor stand in the goal crease. If a player has entered the crease prior to the puck, and subsequently the puck should enter the net while such conditions prevail, the apparent goal shall not be allowed.

The following exceptions and provisions to this rule shall be noted:

1. A goal shall be awarded when the shot is taken by any player with a broken leg, torn groin or damaged knee so that the league can reward such heart, courage and stupidity.

2. A goal shall be awarded on any shot by a player who is much bigger than any of the off-ice officials (see Rule 88 -- Lindros, Eric).

3. Goaltenders' interference shall be waived and a goal will be allowed if Jim Kelley's shirt has a firm grasp of Dominik Hasek's fist during the course of the play.

4. A goal shall be awarded anytime referee Kerry Fraser's hair has flown out of place, a circumstance so uncommon that all hockey laws must be briefly suspended.

5. A goal shall be awarded if a shot enters the net in overtime and the action comes within five minutes of the scheduled starting time of "NYPD Blue" on ABC in the Pacific Time Zone.

6. When the video goal-judge or referee is genuinely undecided as to whether to award a goal, the advantage shall be given to the team in the larger market (see Rule 1994, Rag$, NY)

7. A goal shall be awarded on any shot by Rob Ray, and the game shall be stopped for a brief on-ice ceremony.

8. Any goal scored by a Ted Nolan-coached team will be allowed, but it will be ignored by all NHL general managers and the coach of the New York Rangers.

9. A goal shall be allowed whenever the puck enters the net at any time in games played from Dec. 18 through 25 without regard to the state of the mental faculties of the on-ice officials. (See Rule 12-25, "The Sanity Clause.")

10. A goal If the puck enters the net after 1 a.m. local time, it is a goal under any circumstances. (See Rule 0130, "Officials Falling Asleep.")

11. Any goal scored by the Islanders is to be counted regardless how it went in the net. Their fans have suffered enough, let them score.