1998 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Conference Finals



Scores, Dates, Locations.....

Caps Lose Game 1

Caps Win Game 2

Caps Win Game 3

Caps Win Game 4

Caps Lose Game 5

Caps Win Game 6


Buffalo Goalie Dominik Hasek tries to stop Peter Bondra's goal, tying Game 2 at a goal apiece with only 4 seconds left in the second period.

Although Buffalo fans gave the tag "controversial" to this goal, this picture clearly shows that Bondra's foot was not in the crease, his stick was down and, simply, Hasek couldn't handle it.

During Game 3, Kolzig shows Buffalo's Michal Grosek that nobody messes with Godzilla!

Kolzig cools off during Game 4, his 4th shutout during the 1998 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Local Sportscaster, Chick Hernandez (WTTG FOX 5), gets a pie in the face, from a laidback Coach Ron Wilson.

Hasek congratulates Olie Kolzig on a job well done.

Olie "Godzilla" Kolzig enters the ice at the practice facility, Piney Orchard. Approximately 5000 fans turned out at 2:00 in the morning to celebrate with the Capitals the team's first Conference Championship.


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