Southern Hockey Dictionary

Ya'll might find this here hockey dictionary to be a might bit helpful.

CHECK? Causing a player to be propelled against the boards - A Whuppin

OFFSIDES? Passing the puck to a player past the blue line - Cheatin

ZAMBONI? A vehicle used to prepare the surface of the rink - Ice Tractor

PENALTY BOX? A place where players under penalty are required to stay - The Pokey

RED WINGS? Defending Stanley Cup Champions from Detroit - The enemy. Hate 'em like Alabama wearn' skates.

FACEOFF? Two opposing players try to control a puck dropped by a referee - Like when momma tossed that last piece o? chicken on the plate and you and your brother both grabbed for it at the same time.

CRAIG LEIPOLD? Owner of the Nashville Predators - Not a badfeller...for a Yankee.

ICING? Clearing the puck to the other side of the rink - When you're tired of them other boys playin' football in your yard so you punt the ball into the woods.

GUY (ghee)? A given name popular among French Canadians - Bubba

SERGEI (sair-gay)? A given name popular among Russians - Bubba