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Tomppa Visits Piney Orchard

Tomppa visited Piney Orchard to see a live practice and, perhaps, meet a few players. He had been given a game-used Calle Johannson stick and hoped to get some autographs on it. After an abbreviated practice, Tomppa began his quest for signatures...

Niko - Andrei Nikolishin

Bonzai - Peter Bondra

Halpern - Jeff Halpern

Klee - Ken Klee

CalleJo - Calle Johannson

Dahlen - Ulf Dahlen

Buli - Jan Bulis - really, it is!

Zed - Richard Zednik

Zilla - Olie Kolzig

Oates - Adam Oates

Kono - Steve Konowalchuk

Biller - Craig Billington

Gonchar - Sergei Gonchar

Baumgartner - Nolan Baumgartner

Witter - Brendan Witt

Yake - Terry Yake

Mironov - Dmitri Mironov

Si - Chris Simon

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