The Red Wings Game

The Red Wings game (3/3/00) was the first opportunity for the entire group to get together with Tomppa. Before the game, we all met at the Austin Grill.

KSD, Tomppa, Muck

KickSaveDave, Tomppa and Mucker discuss strategies for the Dead Things.

Slaps & Bill

The Wings game was also the first opportunity for buddies Slaps and BillTCG to come together face-to-face.

KSD, Tomppa, MCF & Muck

It was hard to believe that after well over two years - he was actually here!

Slaps' Cake

Capscheck surprised Slaps with a cake for his 60th birthday.

Slaps blows his candles

Slaps did a great job of getting ALL the candles!

Group Shot

It was great to have everyone together!

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